We Are a Skilled Team!

All our staff are highly trained in the lastest ISO approved graphic reproduction procedures and production techniques.

   • Esko Artpro work stations
   • Esko Nexus RIP’s x 2
   • Esko HD Certified for Flexo Plates
   • DuPont Chemical free Fast Systems x 2
   • New DuPont Chemical Flowline System
   • CDI x 2
   • Digital Letterpress & Embossing
   • Gallus Silkscreen


• StarProofs - digital colour proof with screens as they print
• GMG colour proofs - better match to pantone colour
• BlueKey proofs - clear film proofs in blue colour for overlaying on     print for final QA
• Film Proofs
• Locked Ripped PDF proofs
• 3D PDF's
• Mini Movies
• Sample making and Prototype printing

3D Concept

Interactive PDF of your product

We can provide digital 3D PDF renders of your artwork.
Just using Adobe Reader, you can rotate and interact with a
fully realised 3D impression of your artwork.

Download PDF

HD Flexo

HD Flexo is the latest step in high quality flexo printing and is a new process for making Digital Flexographic Plates. HD plates are made with our chemical free solution (DuPont Fast). This means plates last even longer, give a better print throughout the entire tonal range and have a positive impact on the environment. With Flexo HD the screen rulings can be increased, while at the same time reducing the size of the smallest printable dot.


About Us

Formed in 1996, we at Flexographic Plate Plan have always sought to invest in the future of our company by using the latest technology in both our software and hardware. We were the first company in the Republic of Ireland who added an Esko Graphics Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) and a Du Pont Cyrel Fast System to our workflow, which enabled us to produce digital flexo and letterpress plates of the highest quality (holding a .2% dot on plate). All our workflows are built on Artwork's Digital prepress production concept using the Nexus RIP and Flexocal calibration software. We are the first company to use Flexocal with Esko Graphics Cyrel Digital Imager. Job information need only be ripped once by the Nexus RIP before being sent to any output device thus ensuring speed and file integrity. Using our CDI workflow in conjunction with Flexocal we are now able to produce plates that can print a quality very close to high-end Litho. Along with our new investment we run a double day shift from: 7.00am to 10pm Monday to Thursday, 6.00am to 9pm Friday. Employing a team of experienced staff who's policy is one of quality and adherence to delivery. We welcome you and your colleagues to vist our premises at any time to see our production workflows.

At Flexographic we are aware of our customers demand for the highest standards, therefore we work in close collaboration with all our clients. We have the latest up to date systems & technology throughout every department and are constantly on the lookout for fresher new technology that can assist us in continuing to be the very best in our field.


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  •   Phone: +353 01 473 4360
  •   Fax: +353 01 473 4363
  •   info@fppl.ie
  •   Digital House, 21 Blackpitts, Dublin 8, Ireland.